Why I Prefer Manual Focus Lenses


Many of us as photographers are intimidated by manual focus glass.  It’s really not as bad as it may seem…  For me, quality and reliability is very important. I use Carl Zeiss manual focus lenses. 50mm F1.4 and 28mm F2.0 and the quality I get from them it’s just indescribable. Many new photographers get into the game thinking that auto focus is a must, but there’s just something special about using a manual focus lens. It could be the nostalgia of how I use to shoot with just film, or maybe it could be the way my brain was hard wired when learning photography. Or maybe it’s just a more physical way of thinking to better tap into my creativity.

It Slows You Down

It slows you down, in a good way. Having to manual focus makes you think more in depth for every shot, you’re not just shooting like crazy just hoping you get the shot. Your creativity is force to break down the process, leading you to better results.

Gives You More Control

Manually focusing a lens means controlling the image result from your fingertips. There’s something special about having to manually focus on your subject, it connects you more with the whole process. Again, it’s forcing you to slow down and think more before you shoot.

Shooting In Low Light

Cameras are getting to a point where they can focus with almost no ambient light around, but they’re still not perfect. Sometimes your only option is manual focus. A lot of photographers have the mindset that if you can’t use your auto focus, then you can’t shoot at all.

Creative Accidents

Would you agree that we sometimes rely too much on our gear? I know I get into these waves of comfort where my creatives starts to drown, resulting in my work becoming boring and stale. Sometimes it’s good to switch it up and try new things. It gets our creativity flowing and working harder.




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  1. Its great to read this and its totally right, using manual focus slows you down which is good, it gives you that extra time to analyze eveything in the picture, great words in this article

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