Urban Traditional Spanish Editorial

Spanish inspired editorial shot with the charismatic actress Carla Tempesta, near the historic Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Pieces were bought straight off the street market at Casa Bernal. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is one spot that you MUST check out. The market has some of the best Mexican food in town and makes you feel like you’re just hours south of the border.

Model: @carla.tempesta

Photographer: @cammackphoto









One thought on “Urban Traditional Spanish Editorial

  1. A wonderful piece on the Famous Plasita Olvera. When ever I get a chance to visit one of my many loving Tias at the LA TIMES were she works I make it a thing to also visit this Historic place and Casa Bernal… And The way Miss Carla Tempesta was dressed in the photos really depicted especially when she was in the red florclorical dress with the white top really takes it back when Mexico had it’s beautiful culture on point we’ll to me anyway. Being of Mexican decent I can really appreciate this type of Art. By the way you picked the perfect actress to be the model for your Urban Traditional Spanish Editorial. #onelove ✊✌☺

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