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DVG is a rapper and musician straight out of LA. His sound is a mix of laid back Cali vibes and uplifting cinematic tones, from sunset cruises to late night hangs.. His music will set the mood for a chill time. You can check out his latest album release called My Life Became Beautiful on iTunes. Check out his interview below!


HARD – What name do you go by?

DVG – DVG or Daren

HARD – What are you known for?

DVG – Rapper & Musician

HARD – What town are you currently based out of?

DVG – Los Angeles, California

HARD – How would you describe your vibes?

DVG – I’m all about the positive vibes. I base most of my decisions off of them. I’ve gone through this strange development stage where, if you asked me two years ago, I would have told you I preferred moody shit. These days, as I grow older and continue to pull from my grass roots I’ve realized, the positive vibes are where I like to sit.


HARD – What inspired you to pursue your career?

DVG – Blink 182. Next question.

HARD – Top tip for people wanting to pursue your career field?

DVG – It’s a long journey but if you take the risk and give it your all, you might catch your self in a world you didn’t think possible. My EP charted #10 on iTunes two days ago. If you could imagine there were a lot of tears. I’m still in shock.



HARD – Where do you see yourself in your industry going within the next 5 years?

DVG – I honestly want to make music that makes me and other feel things whilst living on tour.

HARD – What are you bumping right now?

DVG – As of late I’ve listened to Logic on repeat. Shout out to him one time.

HARD – Any other hobbies?

DVG – I’ve always had a thing for basketball. I love playing the game but it also causes me extreme anxiety. My friends don’t understand and like to pick on me because of it.

HARD – Who or what inspires you?

DVG – I love watching people perform music live. It makes me incredibly happy and I always find myself wanting to rush home to make that new new.

HARD – What is your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

DVG – The ones with the hot girls and or hot guys. Like, the model dudes on Instagram know how to dress well so I just straight jack their style.

HARD – What is your style or thing you’re particularly known for?

DVG – I honestly don’t know. Maybe I’m still figuring that out.

HARD – What specific qualities draw you to people you want to work with?

DVG – I love watching people like Jon Bellion who straight up feel the music they are making. It inspires the fuck out of me and I would be honored to work with someone like that.

HARD – Where’s your go-to place when you need an adventure?

DVG – Back alleys in Mexico on 4th street.














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