DIY Rustic Floor Mirror For $60

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Here is a simple DIY rustic mirror we made. It’s a great standout timeless piece to have in any room in your home. The cool part about making a mirror like this is that you can put any twist you want on it. You can make it rustic and minimal, clean and simple, or super old looking with rusted hardware.

This isn’t made from one of those cheap Walmart mirrors, this is a hefty legit vintage looking mirror. We tried making it from one of those cheaper mirror but the results left us less than happy. So safe yourself the time and money and just go with one of the high quality mirrors from Home Depot or Lowes.

What you’ll need..

  • 4 1X2 Pieces of Wood $20
  • Saw or Circular Saw
  • Bathroom Quality Mirror $30
  • 1 Sheet of Plywood $10
  • Wood Glue
  • Mirror Adhesive

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You want to start off with measuring you mirror. After making your measurements you want to make sure to subtract half an inch from each cut. This is important to cover the bevel on the edges of your mirror.

While at your local home improvement store you can have the cut down a piece of plywood for you. You want it to be 4 inches longer and wider than the mirror.

Also, if you’re working with just a saw or circular saw, having a square will help ensure you get the cleanest more accurate cuts.

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Now you want to center the mirror on to your plywood and glue it down. After that has set you can now glue down your wood on the the plywood, but we sure that the beveled edges on your mirror are covered.

The rest is now up to you, depending on what direction you want to take it. We wanted to go for an old rustic look, so we slapped on some walnut stain and then continued to sand it by hand to ad some more grit to it. It still looked a little too clean so we went ahead and drilled some old rusty nails into the wood, just be sure to not get too close to the mirror when doing this.

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