HARD Magazine is a magazine for all artist. No matter if you’re a photographer, a painter, musician, or just love the art of drinking beer.

We would always receive questions about the techniques we would use, where we bought our clothes, what the songs were called in our snapchats, where the places were at that we we’re hanging out at, etc.. so we thought “bro, why don’t we start our own damn online magazine”. Don’t worry, we’re not as narcissistic as we sound.. Okay, well maybe just a little.

It started with a trio of artist in Southern California, with a love and passion for the Americana lifestyle. Two photographers and one badass bearded artist/model. Aside from the magazines editorials we will also be covering all the things that are apart of our lives from gear, fashion, traveling, music, and also sharing the spotlight on artist’s that we’re following.

The word HARD is infused into our trio. We would be shooting a female model yelling at her “THAT’S HARD!!!!!”. Wear some new boots to the bar and say “BRO THOSE ARE HARD!”. Sharing a new piece of work and complimenting them with “HARRRRRRRD”. You get the point, HARD Magazine.